The Idea

Like those deep echoes that meet from afar 
In a dark and profound harmony, 
As vast as night and clarity, 
So perfumes, colors, tones answer each other.
Charles Baudelaire, « Correspondences » (translated by Geoffrey Wagner)

The genesis of my work is well summarized by these few lines by the French poet Baudelaire. Visual, musical, literary and performance arts are indeed multiply intertwined. Their links can be both thematic and formal. Learning about one type of art is a great way to learn about the others, as well as their historical context. However, as Baudelaire rightly points out: in the « forests of symbols », many only hear « confused words ». These synaesthesia and references to the period of artistic creation need to be explained and decoded. Isn’t it precisely the role of a cultural lecturer? This is the mission I would like to accomplish: transmit accessible knowledge about arts, their interrelationships and their links to history to a wide audience.

As a lecturer and opera singer, I therefore chose to perform musical guided tours (in exhibitions, monuments, etc.) and lectures/concerts (in conference or concert halls) that combine historical and artistic explanations, literary excerpts and music pieces (opera arias, mélodies françaises, popular songs, etc.) that I interpret myself.

Here is a short video to give you one example, among many, of the topics that can be addressed in one of my lectures/concerts:

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